Principles of Administrative Law
Principles of Administrative Law

Principles of Administrative Law

Author : M P Jain & S N Jain

ISBN : INK8119403141


BINDING : Paperback



Administrative Law is the area of public law which aims to promote the responsible exercise of power. In India, this task of oversight is performed by the Courts. How do questions of Administrative Law alter when the State moves from a controlled to a liberalized economy? Is less judicial oversight required in the latter situation or would the Court's mandate to ensure the responsible exercise of power be the same irrespective of the economic policy pursued by the State? Are Courts required to exercise judicial restraint when queries are raised around the policies adopted by the executive? Amita Dhanda in this edition of Jain and Jain's Administrative Law has tracked the evolution of the field as India moved from a controlled to a liberal economy.

The Jain and Jain tradition of combining description with critique has been continued by Dhanda. This commentary would be useful for both students and practitioners as it critically documents the various developments in the Principles of Administrative Law.

Key Features:

  • In this edition, the book has been thoroughly restructured around key principles of administrative law, and thus, the dedicated parts have been created around delegated legislation; natural justice; administrative powers; judicial remedies; non judicial remedies and government privileges and duties
  • Two new chapters, one on Bias and the other on the Auditing Regime in the country, have been incorporated
  • Encompasses important administrative case law up till 2023
  • The book also demonstrates why independence of the judiciary is integral to obtaining executive accountability which is one of the primary objectives of Administrative Law

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