Halsbury’s Laws of England

Halsbury’s Laws of England is considered as the definitive authority on the legal framework of England and Wales.

Halsbury’s Laws of England serves as the one and only comprehensive narrative statement of the laws of England and Wales and it contains legal principles from every conceivable source. This trusted book is your go-to solution for addressing inquiries that covers all facets of law.

Ensure your advice is on Authoritative sources, irrespective of the subject matter.

Halsbury's Laws comprehensively addresses everything from fundamental legal concepts to highly complex matters, offering answers even in niche and abstruse areas of law.

Jump into the realm of Expert Knowledge and Experience.

With the accumulated expertise over a century, Halsbury’s Laws titles are taken care of by leading lawyers including both practitioners and academics, guaranteeing the absolute quality as well as reliability.

Convenient to use – Time Effective

Locate the content you require with utmost convenience and speed. Since our titles are organized by the subject area, one can browse and consult the index effortlessly.

Often cited in Court and vastly acknowledged throughout the industry.

The Official Law Reports published by the ICLR consists of more than 1,700 citations of Halsbury's Laws in judicial decisions and court submissions that establishes it as the industry standard.

“I always turn to Halsbury's Laws first when I am trying to find a convenient, accessible, accurate way to find out about a new area of law, and turn to it last when I am dealing with an area of law I am already familiar with to ensure that I have not missed anything.”

Anand Doobay, Halsbury’s Laws Consultant Editor,
Boutique Law LLP

The only full narrative statement of English and Welsh law

Halsbury’s Laws is the only legal encyclopaedia covering every proposition of the law, however niche.

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