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Principles of Statutory Interpretation

Principles of Statutory Interpretation

Author : Justice G P Singh

ISBN : INK9391211028

EDITION : 15th


BINDING : Hardcover



Justice G P Singh’s Principles of Statutory Interpretation is the most comprehensive and authoritative work on the subject. Widely quoted in judgments of the Supreme Court as well as various High Courts, this scholarly work illustrates and explains rules of interpretation in a lucid, comprehensive and systematic manner. A leading commentary on the subject, this fifteenth edition captures and analyses the shift in the Supreme Court decisions from the earlier tradition of literal interpretation to purposive interpretation of statues. The present edition will be helpful in understanding the complexities and the nuances of the subject, and its practical application. 

Key Features: 

• This classic work on interpretation of statutes has been referred to and quoted in numerous judgments 

• Rules of interpretation have been illustrated and explained in a lucid, comprehensive and systematic manner 

• Sets out the rules of statutory interpretation in both Indian and Foreign historical background and outlines the views of great jurists 

• Contains references to authoritative foreign works like Bennion on Statutory Interpretation and other major international texts 

• Includes critical analyses of important Indian and English decisions

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