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Lexis Red

A revolutionary legal digital reference tool

Work flexibly and efficiently with Lexis Red. A reliable and intuitive research tool providing you with convenient online/offline access to your legal library via iPad, laptop or PC. Now available on Android, iOS and Windows.

Lexis Red provides access to your trusted legal library collection digitally, increasing agility and efficiency in the performance of your role. Lexis Red enables lawyers to move seamlessly between publications, with an enhanced search capability.

Lexis Red empowers you excel in the practice of your profession.

Key Benefits:

  • Advocate with confidence

    Respond to matters with clarity and conviction, anytime and anywhere. High-quality, trusted legal resources available at your fingertips

  • An agile legal library

    A ‘weightless’ legal library that carries the full weight of the law. Trusted legal resources accessible whenever needed.

  • Personalised referencing

    Effortless annotating and highlighting, plus an enhanced search experience

  • Perpetual Access

    Access your downloaded content offline perpetually through the Lexis Red app


  • Compatibility with various operating systems and devices
  • Fast download speeds and navigation between titles
  • Search enhancement allows you to pre-filter your search
  • Key word searching within a specific publication as well as across your Library
  • Easy sharing of documents along with annotations on Email, Skype & One Note
  • Annotate & Highlight using multiple tag colors while working on legal matters
  • Online syncing of updates to content helps you stay updated
  • Font resizing for better legibility of content
  • Easy login through the Remember Password feature
  • Increased usability through precise document naming
  • Infinite scrolling allowing seamless navigation within a title
  • Real Print and all historical content/back volumes for Journals
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A step-by-step guide on how to download and access Lexis Red:

Lexis Red User Guide