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Competition Commission Cases–A Compendium of CCI Cases from 2009-2014

Competition Commission Cases–A Compendium of CCI Cases from 2009-2014

Author : K K Sharma

ISBN : 9789351431237



BINDING : Hardcover



Awareness about competition law has increased manifold in the last few years especially in the wake of imposition of extremely heavy fines on big companies in different sectors of the economy. The outcome has been an enhanced appetite to know more about the subject as well as the institution responsible for its enforcement, and its development in the form of decided cases which come before the Competition Commission of India (CCI) for adjudication. The presentation of this book in a tabular format is a first of its kind to provide a quick reference to all those who require an overview of the entire landscape of developments in competition law in relation to various sectors. Drawing heavily from the author’s expertise and experience in competition law, the present work provides a well organised arrangement of the statement of facts, issues, allegations and the final outcome in a brief yet lucid manner. This book is a gateway into the subject of competition law for anyone requiring a bird’s eye view into the proceedings of the Competition Commission of India. This compendium of cases from 2009–2014 will be an invaluable reference tool to a wide range of audience including practitioners, inhouse counsels, academicians, researchers and students.

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