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Economic Analysis of Law - An Indian Perspective

Economic Analysis of Law - An Indian Perspective

Author : Bimal N Patel, Dr Ranita Nagar, Hitesh kumar Thakkar

ISBN : 9789351430278



BINDING : Paperback



The edition is a concerted effort by the Department of Economics, Gujarat National Law University, under the visionary guidance and patronship of Prof (Dr) Bimal N. Patel, Director GNLU and serious delibrations and academic input from the esteemed faculty members of this premier Law University to contribute to this untapped ocean of academic research by providing a comprehensive overview of Law and Economics, its theoretical foundations and its application to current legal regimes. The students of GNLU, under the guidance of the Department of Economics have been the bright minds which took up this task of interdisciplinary research work and have brought in original contributions in this niche research area. The book provides a comprehensive overview of this branch of legal analysis through essays dealing with the economic analysis of various areas of the law, including constitutional law, crime, torts, personal laws and environmental laws. These essays are a detailed commentary, critically analysing the nuances of the law, supported with case laws allowing the reader a deep insight into the theoretical foundations of law and economics. The book thus puts across the highly technical field of economic analysis of the law in a crisp and lucid manner. This book will prove useful as a basic guide to students and academicians interested in economic analysis and foster greater research into the economic implications of laws in India.

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