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Formation and Management of NGOs (Non Governmental Organisations)

Formation and Management of NGOs (Non Governmental Organisations)

Author : Anita Abraham

ISBN : 9789350355428



BINDING : Paperback



The need for a composite, underoneumbrella book on the Formation and Management of NGOs in India was keenly felt, when a methodical search of bookshelves in the Capital`s popular bookshops offered only individual booklets on Societies, Trusts and NonProfit Companies, besides gigantic, Voluminous compilations on NGO directories and cross references. Besides narrating the Law and the Mandatory discussion on how to form and Manage a society, a trust and a nonprofit company and legal issues of registration, taxation of NGO income, this book provides legal discussion on the avenues of NGO work ranging from aged care to child care, women`s issues, disaster management, agriculture and environment. Eah avenue of NGO work further outlines the scope and nature of work involved with specific reference to the number and type of law the NGO worker is likely to tangle or deal with. Thus for an NGO which sets out to work with children, this book provides a ready reference to the numerous Indian law relating to child welfare (adoption, sexual exploitation, child labour, child trafficking, discrimination of girl child, education and like issue). All efforts have been taken to present a comprehensive book on the AZ of the formation and Management of an Indian NGO in a readerfriendly manner.

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