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I’ve been around for some time-Analyses, Reflections and Reminiscences

I’ve been around for some time-Analyses, Reflections and Reminiscences

Author : Raju Ramachandran

ISBN : 9789350358856



BINDING : Paperback



This book is a compilation of select articles and interviews by Raju Ramachandran in leading national newspapers, magazines and law journals. In a career spanning 40 years, he has written on various constitutional and legal developments, capturing the socio-legal underpinnings of contemporary society as well as suggesting reformist measures. The book is thematically divided into eight sections covering a range of topics–from the independence of the judiciary, the manner of judicial appointments, the need for judicial rectitude to the concept of constitutional tort, the basic structure doctrine, comparative constitutional questions, challenges to parliamentary democracy, and to more recent issues of lawyers’ strikes, as well as the attitude of the Bar to unpopular accused. These articles are thought provoking, and show the evolution, or lack thereof, in different areas. He also pays tributes to some of those who influenced him in his prolific journey. I’ve been around for some time: Analyses, Reflections and Reminiscences is an invaluable blend of expertise and lucidity that the author brings, and even if one disagrees, one will be forced to contemplate these issues. This work is also his personal account, peppered with anecdotes and updates to add to the interest of the reader. Testimonials:- “The reader will be struck at once by his excellent legal equipment, cogency in reasoning; clarity in expression and, not least, by his liberal outlook. Nor is humour absent…No reader will agree with the author on all the points in all the articles. But he will not fail to be stimulated to reflect further….I found these articles thought provoking. So, I am sure, will the readers.” —A G Noorani “An inveterate amicus curiae, his wisdom and fairness have illuminated many a thorny legal issue…Even-tempered, pleasant, considerate, hospitable, humorous, conscientious, a friend in need and generous with his praise, Raju is a repository of every amiable quality. He even has the virtue of wearing his virtues lightly… Although his style is not provocative, his anecdotes carry a bubbling irony and who would have imagined that irony could bubble over! If the smile that lingers…gets across through his writing as it does with his presence, I would, for my part, consider his readers very well served indeed.” —Nitya Ramakrishnan Raju combines the lawyer’s mind with the journalist’s flair for interesting detail and a personal touch, to bring to life a range of personalities and issues…His articles display a rare moderation but also firmness. The capacity to not offend even while raising difficult questions is precious…No wonder that he is a favoured choice as amicus in important cases. If the Supreme Court trusts him, readers so must you. —Siddharth Varadarajan

Raju Ramachandran (born 1954) studied economics at St Stephen's College and law at the Faculty of Law, University of Delhi. He joined the Bar in 1976, and worked in the chambers of Late Shri M K Ramamurthi, Senior Advocate and Shri S K Dholakia, Senior Advocate before starting his own practice in the Supreme Court. He became an advocate on record of the Supreme Court in 1981, and was designated Senior Advocate by the Supreme Court in 1996. He has, throughout his practice been associated with legal aid. He has argued important cases in the fields of constitutional, administrative, civil, administrative and copyright law in the Supreme Court and different High Courts in India. He was Additional Solicitor General of India from 2002 to 2004. He was appointed amicus curiae by the Supreme Court in the Gulberg Society and the Ajmal Kasab cases, and is currently assisting the Supreme Court as amicus curiae in the Sabarimala and Nirbhaya cases. He is the author of Changing Profession, Changing Ethics (2003), revising author of B R Agarwala's Supreme Court Practice and Procedure (2002) and co-editor of Supreme but not infallible: Essays in Honour of the Supreme Court of India (2000).

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