India’s Constitution –Origins and Evolution
India’s Constitution –Origins and Evolution

India’s Constitution –Origins and Evolution

Author : Samaraditya Pal

ISBN : INK9386515940


BINDING : Paperback



Samaraditya Pal’s India’s Constitution - Origins and Evolution traces the evolution of each provision of the Constitution of India, in the light of the Constituent Assembly Debates, Lok Sabha Debates on Amendments and significant Supreme Court judgements. This book presents each Article in a comparative perspective between the vision of the drafters of the Constitution and most relevant interpretation by the Supreme Court. 

This multi-volume series provides exhaustive Article - wise analysis of the Constitution of India. The overview on each Article comprises of author’s expert comments on the evolution of the constitutional provision in a nutshell. The introduction briefly explains the genesis & evolution of the Constitution and Reading the Book describes the unique treatment and arrangement of content.

It also incorporates relevant verbatim extracts from Constituent Assembly Debates, Lok Sabha Debates and Apex judgements. 

Coverage of Volume 1: This volume covers Articles 352 to 395, dealing with Emergency Provisions; Amendments; Temporary, Transitional and Special Provisions; and the 12 Schedules of the Constitution of India.  

The book is indispensable for Law practitioners, Judges – Supreme Court, High Courts & Trial Courts, National & State Judicial Academies, Court and Parliament Libraries, Law Firms and Academicians & Research Scholars.

Samaraditya Pal is a Senior Advocate and a Barrister. His name is synonymous with the book on The Law of Contempt, published by LexisNexis and has been widely appreciated by the legal fraternity.

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