Indian Constitutional Law
Indian Constitutional Law

Indian Constitutional Law

Author : M P Jain

ISBN : 9789395116237


BINDING : Hardcover



In its 60th year of publication, M P Jain’s magnum opus on the Constitution of India has travelled hand-in-hand with the development of constitutional jurisprudence in our country. It has served and has been serving generations of judges, lawyers, scholars, students, and laypersons, too. Its spread across 

ages and strata of people bears true testimony to its utility as a dependable commentary on a complex instrument.

Apart from a thorough updation of case law, this new edition remains faithful to the original approach of the author by setting out the principles underlying these decisions wherever possible. This edition also comes with several critiques on various topics like the immunity of personal laws from Article 13, exclusion of decrees of civil courts from the certiorari jurisdiction of the constitutional courts, sovereign immunity, essential religious practices etc. The book also takes note of the rich stream of contemporary jurisprudence areas of disability rights, intersectionality, and indirect discrimination, as well as evolving constitutional principles like transformative constitutionalism and constitutional morality. 

Key Features:

• Thoroughly revised and updated incorporating the latest constitutional amendments and comments on all leading decisions on the subject right up to the EWS reservation case

• Owing to the large volume of case law coupled with the 102nd,103rd, 104th  and 105th Constitution (Amendment) Acts, substantial re-arrangements, major additions, and reformulations have been made to this edition

• Provides crucial documents, including the British constitutional documents starting from the Government of India Act, 1800, tracing the historical development of the Indian Constitution

• The chapters on the Union and State Judiciary have been thoroughly revised and, to a large extent, re-written in view of the developments over the last decade

• A new chapter on Tribunals has been incorporated in the light of the seminal developments in that area over the past 10-15 years 

• The chapter on financial relations has been thoroughly revised and updated on account of the introduction of the Goods and Services Tax

Professor M P Jain (1923-2004), a gold medallist from University of Delhi, and J.S.D from Yale Law School, USA had an extensive teaching experience of nearly five decades. He taught at several universities such as Banaras Hindu University and University of Delhi in India, as well as others in Malaysia, Singapore and Australia. He has authored various books, markedly, Indian Constitutional Law, Principles of Administrative Law, Outlines of Indian Legal History and Halsbury’s Laws of India: Administrative Law.

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