Indian Law of Marriage & Divorce
Indian Law of Marriage & Divorce

Indian Law of Marriage & Divorce

Author : Prof. Kusum

ISBN : INK9395116244

EDITION : 12th

BINDING : Hardcover



Kumud Desai’s Indian Law of Marriage and Divorce is a comprehensive commentary on the personal
laws of the country, relevant Central and State Acts, and Rules, including a part dedicated to general
principles relating to matrimonial laws. To aid the understanding of the reader, the book is divided
into ten parts, in addition to an exhaustive list of appendices. The latest legal and judicial position
is captured under each of the nine parts, and the tenth part contains general principles which are
common to all personal laws; constituting a crux of the analysis in the preceding parts. Moreover, this
book is the first of its kind, which seeks to examine in detail the issue of gender equity in the matter
of divorce in Muslim personal law of India through three dimensional perspective; legal, sociological
and Constitutional, relying on substantive empirical data.
Key Features:
• Includes 66 Appendices on various Central as well as State Acts and Rules (including extracts of
other allied laws relevant to marriage and divorce).
• Commentary has been thoroughly revised and concepts including Uniform Civil Code,
Constitutional provisions pertaining to marriage and divorce, etc have been reorganized.
• Includes landmark judgments of Supreme Court and High Courts on important aspects of
Marriage and Divorce like same sex marriage, irretrievable breakdown of marriage, powers of
Supreme Court under Article 142 to annul an irretrievably broken-down marriage, etc.
• Includes all significant amendments to the statutes related to marriage and divorce.

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