Interpretation of Statutes
Interpretation of Statutes

Interpretation of Statutes

Author : N S Bindra

ISBN : INK9395116039

EDITION : 13th


BINDING : Hardcover



This renowned work on Interpretation of Statutes is an intelligent combination of description
and analysis. It captures the latest developments and also analyses how these developments have
contributed to the theory and practice of interpretation.
The book firstly situates the process of interpretation within the institutional relationship
subsisting between the Legislature, the Executive, and the Court.
Another part examines how rules of interpretation change when the context alters. Thus, a penal
statute is read differently from a welfare or tax statute. And rules which hold good for statutes do
not apply to the interpretation of the Constitution. Courts are not just guided by the intention of
the legislature or technical rules of interpretation but also by how a word, phrase or issue has been
addressed in the past by earlier courts. Consequently, the theory of precedents and its impact on
statutory interpretation has been analytically studied in the last part of the book.
Key Features:
• Addresses the various dimensions of interpretation by looking at it from the lens of
institutional relationships, the various parts of a statute, the technical rules, the statutory
context and the influence of precedents
• Contains an analytical update of the latest developments
• Records the reiterations of the law in tabular form and does a detailed contextual analysis of
all significant judicial decisions
• Provides materials for future forensic strategies by recording the arguments of lawyers and
how courts responded to them.
• Special attention has been devoted to split judicial decisions as the foment points to the
possibilities of the law.

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