Buy Ebook: The Key to Indian Practice by K Kannan, 13th Edition
The Key to Indian Practice

The Key to Indian Practice

Author : K Kannan

ISBN : INK8119403066

EDITION : 13th


BINDING : Paperback



Widely acclaimed as a classic, Mulla’s The Key to Indian Practice is a lucid and succinct exposition of

the important provisions of the Code of Civil Procedure. Unraveling the complexities of the Code, it

presents a crisp, yet precise account of the conduct of civil suits in Indian courts. The present edition

preserves the original scheme as conceived and adopted by Sir Dinshaw Fardunji Mulla, whilst

incorporating latest developments in the subject.

This book is an essential reference for students, academicians, legal professionals, as well as general


Key Features:

• An indispensable and inimitable reference aid, providing a summary of the provisions of the

Code of Civil Procedure

• Breaks down the complexities of the Code to offer a lucid exposition of the important


• Adopts a systematic and readable scheme with critical analysis that stokes students’ interest

to deliberate and debate

• Covers how the course of an ordinary suit is followed, from the moment the plaintiff

determines to sue till the time he obtains a decree

• Elaborates in detail the critical process of execution of a decree and the possible

consequences of an appeal by an affected party

• Employs an explanatory method of treatment that enables readers not only to understand,

but also to see how provisions are applied in practice

• Latest and important case law like Kattukandi Edathil Krishnan v Kattukandi Edathil

Valsan, Shivakumar v Sharanabasappa, Ambalal Sarabhai Enterprises Ltd v KS Infraspace LLP,

Shivnarayan v Maniklal, Rahul S Shah v Jinendra Kumar Gandhi, New India Assurance Co Ltd v

Hilli Multipurpose Cold Storage (P) Ltd, Asian Resurfacing of Road Agency (P) Ltd v CBI, Kirodi v

Ram Parkash, Narasamma v A Krishnappa, Kantaru Rajeevaru (Right to Religion, Re-9 J) (2), Indian

Young Lawyers Assn v State of Kerala, Madhavendra L Bhatnagar v Bhavna Lall etc have been duly


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