Key to Civil Court Practice and Procedures
Key to Civil Court Practice and Procedures

Key to Civil Court Practice and Procedures

Author : Narender Kumar

ISBN : 9788119403561



BINDING : Paperback



Key to Civil Court Practice and Procedure is a concise yet comprehensive work, written in simple and comprehensible language. It provides in-depth knowledge on the law relating to procedure followed for adjudication of civil disputes, with all remedies, as available under the Code of Civil Procedure. 

With brevity and clarity of expression, the Author meticulously explains the manner in which the procedure contained in the form of Sections, Orders and Rules, as available in the Code, is followed on the civil side, from the stage of issuance of legal notice before institution of a suit up to its disposal and execution of the decree passed by Civil Courts.

Key Features:

  • Encapsulates basic procedural aspects of civil court practice and procedure with their probable remedies
  • Includes important decisions on various provisions of the Code by the Supreme Court of India and High Courts
  • Chapter on stay of suits and consolidation of suits has been separately presented in this edition
  • The law on the point of joining of necessary parties to the suit has been highlighted
  • Incorporates the latest law on the aspect of grant or denial of leave to defend a summary suit
  • Highlights the legal provisions pertaining to filing of appeals and their disposal, and also discusses the issue of abatement of an appeal and the impact of non-bringing on record legal representative of the party on death, during pendency of appeal
  • Recent law on the point of grant of temporary injunction has also been incorporated

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