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Law of Contract- Theories & Principles

Law of Contract- Theories & Principles

Author : Tushar Kanti Saha

ISBN : 9789350358115



BINDING : Paperback



The Law of Contract is written in a lucid manner and with an approach to illuminate the field of Contract law aiming to build a sound theoretical foundation and kindle analytical appreciation of the subject. In order to render a holistic and a progressive view of the subject, the author has, apart from an illuminating discussion on the subject, incorporated aspects like historical analysis, a comparative discussion of the provisions vis-a-vis the English Law as well as the modern theories of Contract, intending to critically examine the law and to identify scope of revising the law to fit into a just decision making process. The book is divided into two parts, covering respectively the Theories of Contract Law and the Principles of Contract. The Author has preferred to cover different sections of the Indian Contract Act, 1872 in the course of discussion on relevant points. This work is dedicated and intended to serve the needs of students pursuing law course at different law schools, universities and institutes, enabling them to understand and gather analytical skills pertaining to the subject of "Law of Contract" in a reader-friendly manner. This book is helpful for LL.B. as well as LL.M. students and also the researchers apart from a curious or an avid learner of law from any branch of study.

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