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Law of Succession in India

Law of Succession in India

Author : Dr Supinder Kaur

ISBN : 9789351435723



BINDING : Paperback



Law of Succession in India has been objectively authored for the students of the three-year and five-year degree courses in law education institutes including national law schools, students pursuing LL.M degree, research fellows in law, lawyers, law teachers and the aspirants of Judicial Services. The book satisfies the outlines of the curriculum for all these courses. The text broadly covers the concept of and law on succession applicable in the Hindu, Muslim, Christian and Parsi communities. Beginning with the history and evolution of the law, the book goes on to thoroughly explain the personal law practised by all these communities, as well as the applicability of the central law, that is, The Indian Succession Act, 1925 to them. Thereafter it discusses in detail the legal aspects of succession, and concludes with the recommendation of a uniform law on succession in India, as there is already a well-accepted optional civil code by way of the Indian Succession Act, and there are several remarkable similarities among the various personal laws on succession. Key Features • The book focuses on the need to have a uniform civil code in the area of succession to make this law concrete • Contains an analysis of not only landmark judgments in this area, but also recent case studies and discussions on the issue • Provides clarity on the existing law and its applicability • Highlights the pros and cons of personal laws on succession

Dr Supinder Kaur is Associate Professor with the Department of Law, Panjab University, Chandigarh. She has over 12 years of academic experience. She specializes in family law and criminal law. She has been the General Editor of Ratanlal and Dhirajlal's Code of Criminal Procedure (Student Edition).She has also published a number of research papers relating to women's laws and children's issues, arbitration, environment-related laws and issues, and other socio-legal aspects in law journals.

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