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Press Law and Journalists - Watchdog to Guidedog

Press Law and Journalists - Watchdog to Guidedog

Author : S Sivakumar

ISBN : 9789350356142



BINDING : Hardcover



Press which is the most important organ of a democratic set up is the backbone of citizenry. It represents the voice of people where they can react against any anti-social practices and get to know the realities in public life. Making the citizenry informed is the significant mission that the Press discharges. It plays a vital role in democracy to check the functioning of government. Press freedom is important to ensure free flow of ideas. Against this backdrop, the book critically examines the role of the Press in contemporary society, presents a theoretical justification for the protection of free speech and discusses the interpretation of free speech doctrine in the internet age along with the analyses of authorities existing in India and abroad. The book also deals with the interface between press and executive, legislature and judiciary; balancing the rights viz., information, privacy, libel and the doctrinal labels; press ombudsman role and attitude towards the redressal of disputes by the Press Council. The reader can find numerous case studies and anecdotes. This book adopts a comparative approach. In a nutshell, Press Law and Journalists: Watchdog to Guidedog offers an enlightening perspective on the role of press in modern society. It is equally useful for the legislators and policy makers along with members of press, media, law and each member in the society.

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