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Professional Ethics for Lawyers-Changing Profession, Changing Ethics

Professional Ethics for Lawyers-Changing Profession, Changing Ethics

Author : Raju Ramachandran

ISBN : 9789351431367



BINDING : Paperback




This second edition of Professional Ethics for Lawyers: Changing Profession, Changing Ethics traces new developments and emerging trends in the legal profession. It reflects on questions of ethics in the context of the contemporary practice of law. The book provides a comprehensive overview of legal principles and policies in the area of professional ethics using a practical and analytical approach. Issues such as the entry of foreign law firms, lawyer’s role as a mediator, lawyer-client relationship, privileges of a lawyer and time management have been elaborated for the benefit of new entrants to the profession. It provides insights on the comparative position on professional ethics prevailing in other countries, like the USA and the UK. An examination and explanation of ethical questions and dilemmas with the help of relevant quotations, latest case law, statutes and appendices adds to the overall incisive and in-depth treatment of the subject. This book provides value to both legal professionals and students of law. Since professional ethics is a subject of study in our law schools, this book also hopes to provoke discussion and debate in the classroom.

Raju Ramachandran (born 1954) studied economics at St Stephen's College and law at the Faculty of Law, University of Delhi. He joined the Bar in 1976, and worked in the chambers of Late Shri M K Ramamurthi, Senior Advocate and Shri S K Dholakia, Senior Advocate before starting his own practice in the Supreme Court. He became an advocate on record of the Supreme Court in 1981, and was designated Senior Advocate by the Supreme Court in 1996. He has, throughout his practice been associated with legal aid. He has argued important cases in the fields of constitutional, administrative, civil, administrative and copyright law in the Supreme Court and different High Courts in India. He was Additional Solicitor General of India from 2002 to 2004. He was appointed amicus curiae by the Supreme Court in the Gulberg Society and the Ajmal Kasab cases, and is currently assisting the Supreme Court as amicus curiae in the Sabarimala and Nirbhaya cases. He is the author of Changing Profession, Changing Ethics (2003), revising author of B R Agarwala's Supreme Court Practice and Procedure (2002) and co-editor of Supreme but not infallible: Essays in Honour of the Supreme Court of India (2000).

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