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Nameless Faceless- Victims in Criminal Justice System

Nameless Faceless- Victims in Criminal Justice System

Author : Nirmala R Umanath

ISBN : 9789350358108



BINDING : Paperback



This book is a combination of (1) most of the theories of victimology propounded by great legal brains; (2) some of the cases of injustice unearthed through investigative journalism and brought up before the Courts; and (3) Author's own experiences while playing different roles, namely those of an investigative journalist, a social activist and a lawyer. The students of history, sociology as well as law may find this book interesting.

"Nirmala R Umanath @ U Nirmala Rani is a lawyer, a writer, a social activist and a freelance journalist. Hailing from the city of Trichy in Tamil Nadu, she is the third daughter of veteran communist leaders and freedom fighters Mr Umanath and Ms Pappa Umanath. Her husband, Mr Rajkumar, is also a lawyer and the couple keenly work towards the goal of establishing an egalitarian society. The author has been practising in various Courts including the Madras High Court for last three decades. She is committed to the cause of the subalterns especially Women, Children and Dalits. Her visionary vestige for the vindication of victims' rights made her to outreach the frontiers of law in getting trendsetting judgments in the field of victims' rights. Out of her passion towards gender issues, she pursued her masters in Women's Studies and she is currently pursuing her doctorate in the subject of Victimology. She has addressed several international conferences on different aspects of Caste and Gender issues. She is a lifetime member of the World Society of Victimology (WSV) and is also working closely with the All India Democratic Women's Association (Al DWA). "

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