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Cyber Forensics in India: A Legal Perspective

Cyber Forensics in India: A Legal Perspective

Author : Nishesh Sharma

ISBN : 9788131250709


BINDING : Hardcover



The research on this topic has been carried out with an inter-disciplinary approach and covers various aspects of cyber law, such as, violation of the right to privacy, cyber terrorism and jurisdiction issues etc. The challenges posed by cyber-crime in India are acute and need to be addressed by a secure cyber system. In order to fight the threat posed by different cyber-crimes, there is a dire need for stringent international digital legislations and an efficient cross-border enforcement. Today, the cyber snooping of computer data is a menace to public authorities and private individuals too. There is an emergent need to invent potent cyber forensic tools to identify and prevent junk mails in cyberspace, as also the need to protect the corporate digital data /information through cyber security measures. In order to secure cyberspace there is a need for appropriate and improved execution and implementation of laws. This book includes a critical analysis and updated case law on this subject. This book is an attempt to invoke a critical discussion on the subject of Cyber Forensics.

Dr. Nishesh Sharma is an Advocate-on-Record practicing in the Supreme Court of India and other high courts, commissions, boards and tribunals in India. He is a Central Government Panel 'A' Counsel and a legal Correspondent in Indo-Asian News Service for the Supreme Court of India and the Delhi High Court. He has extensive exposure in handling civil, matrimonial, transfer, criminal and overseas litigation on behalf of non-resident Indians and regularly advises on matters of Indian law in cases arising in related matters in foreign jurisdictions. He has expertise in handling cyber crime cases. He was given Australian Quality Award — Achievement in Business Excellence. He was awarded a Certificate of Merit by the DoCS (Department of Community Services) by the Sydney Institute of Technology.

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