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Issues and Challenges of Public International Law

Issues and Challenges of Public International Law

Author : B P Singh Sehgal

ISBN : 9789351438113



BINDING : Hardcover



International Law is an ever growing field of law that boasts of a vast scope in the present, as well in the times ahead, more so, in the era of Globalzation Classically known as the law governing the relation between the nations, international law has come a long way in making its presence felt across the world, and plays tremendous role as a connecting link among the nation in numerous aspects, such as trade, commerce, investment, peace and security, military, protection of territorial sovereignity, national development, dispute resolutions and the list goes on. A large part of international law is not enforceable in domestic jurisdictions, yet its importance cannot be underestimated, ruled out and written off as internationally recognized principles provide a guiding light to the domestic courts in effectively adjudicating cases within the jurisdiction. This book gives a panoramic view of the various aspects pertaining to the Public International Law including an in depth analysis of the existing International Law System. This book is a must for all judges, lawyers, parliamentarian, legislators, administrators, academicians, scholars, students and all other interested in the study of Public International Law.

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