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Sports Law

Sports Law

Author : Anujaya Krishna

ISBN : 9789350354384



BINDING : Paperback



This book represents a journey in itselfa discovery of my dreams and working towards that goal. It revolves around the draft national sports Development bill, 2011 but seeks to throw light on the very essence of sports law as it were. The purpose behind the book is to acquaint the reader with the field of sports law that is still in its nascent stages, especially in India. Like several other legislations, the draft Bill also had its pros and cons and an attempt has been made to deal with the same, with a balanced perspective. With the help of case laws and doctrines, the theoretical aspects of issues in sports law have been discussed. Research done by authors in the past as well as studies conducted were useful in streamlining ideas and facilitated understanding. A series of interviews of coaches, players and other stakeholders in the field of sports also aided in arriving at some of the findings in the book. All in all, the purpose of the book is to bring to light the significance of sports and how its intermingling with law may be used to give impetus to the interests of all those involved in the sport. 

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