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Textbook on Legal Methods, Legal Systems and Research

Textbook on Legal Methods, Legal Systems and Research

Author : Prof Tushar Kanti Saha

ISBN : 9789350355800



BINDING : Paperback



This edition is an improvement over the first one obviously because time has changed and new crop of literature is constantly enriching our paradigm of legal knowledge. Almost all chapters in Part I and Part II have been re-visited and refreshed with newer inputs. Newer and contemporary methods have been mined and scored. Legal analysis is the basis for any legal method course. These are then to be communicated to the clients, courts and other lawers in due course. Both written and oral communications are equally important although primary focus is on legal writing. All lawyers are expected to learn new areas of law and legal research thus becomes a key skill to be mastered from the tools found in legal method discourses. A study of legal method then should begin with fundamental legal concepts and principles followed by a clear understanding of the nature of the legal system and its sources, and the techniques which lawyers use when handling those sources. The current edition is the repository of all these areas of knowledge serving to ingnite passion for learning from other source books and materials. Once interest takes its root, curiosity grows and appetite intensifies, legal learning will be joy for ever.

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