Textbook on Economic Offences
Textbook on Economic Offences

Textbook on Economic Offences

Author : K D Gaur

ISBN : 9789391211752



BINDING : Paperback



Textbook on socio-economic offences is divided into two separate categories of offences viz., social and economic offences. Social offences are those which affect the wealth or material welfare of the community as a whole and not merely individual victim. Thus, when we speak of social change, we simply assert that there is some change in social behavior, social structure and social cultural values. On the other hand, economic offences are those which affect the country’s economy and not merely individual victim but society at large.
The book will be an indispensable guide for students, academicians, and researchers.

Key Features:
• Written in a simple and lucid style to aid the understanding of students  
• Content has been systematically divided into seven sections: Section A – Control of Food Adulteration and misbranding of Articles of food as prescribed under Food Adulteration Act, 1954. Section B – Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988 to safeguard the interest of Public Servants and punish corrupt public servants for taking illegal gratification in respect of an official act and amazing unaccounted money. Section C – Transparency in Election funding and use of unaccounted wealth. Section D – Right to choose a candidate in Election and Exercise of Right not to vote any candidate NOTA. Section E – Right of the Physically handicapped to get special privileges on account of Disability. Section F – Right of the Prostitutes and their offspring to lead a healthy and moral life. Section G – Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substance Act, 1985.
• Detailed discussion has been provided relating to provisions of law relating to women have been reviewed periodically and amendments carried out to keep pace with the emerging needs.
• A glimpse of instances of political corruption in independent India that has rocked the nation is visible in the cases of Cash for Votes Scam (2008), Human Trafficking and Forged Passport Scam (2007), M.P. Local Area Developmental Fund, Cash for Query Scam (2005), Defence Procurement (Rebecca Scandal), Cottingul Scam, Telecom Scam and Hawala Scam, Lakhubhai Patel Cheating Case etc and the same has been mentioned at the relevant places.

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