Textbook on Indian Penal Code
Textbook on Indian Penal Code

Textbook on Indian Penal Code

Author : K D Gaur

ISBN : 9788194471530



BINDING : Paperback



A textbook with section-wise content flow, this work adopts an entirely different approach to the study of the law of Indian Penal Code; focusing on emerging issues as well as legislative and judicial developments. Significant changes in the well- established rules pertaining to law of crime and developments made have been referred at appropriate places in this work. Relevant statutory changes have been incorporated, and important decisions by apex courts in India, that have either altered the direction of legal principles or thrown new light on existing principles, have been carefully examined.

Key Features
  • A critical commentary covering emerging issues as well as legislative developments
  • Focuses on both legislative and judicial developments
  • Contains critical appraisal of judgments of Supreme Court and various High Courts
  • Extensively updated and revised since the last publication
  • The content that has become obsolete or redundant has been removed.
  • The present edition caters to the needs of both the Legal professionals and the students.
New to this edition
  • Refers to the important changes made to the provisions of the Indian Penal Code vide Criminal law Amendment 2019.
  • Includes and incorporate landmark judgments of Supreme Court and various High courts.
  • Incorporates relevant statutory changes in the law
  • Extensively revised and updated with major developments that have taken place since the last publication.

The obsolete and redundant content has been culled.

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