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Textbook on The Constitution of India

Textbook on The Constitution of India

Author : S R Bhansali

ISBN : 9789350356173



BINDING : Paperback



The Constitution of India 
PART I: The Union and Its Territory 
PART II: Citizenship 
PART III: Fundamental Rights 
PART IV: Directive Principles of State Policy 
Part IV A: Fundamental Duties 
PART V: The Union 
Chapter I: The Executive 
Chapter II: Parliament 
Chapter III: Legislative Powers of The President 
Chapter IV: The Union Judiciary 
Chapter V: Comptroller and Auditor-General Of India 
PART VI: The States 
Chapter I: General 
Chapter II: The Executive
Chapter III: The State Legislature 
Chapter IV: Legislative Power of The Governor 
Chapter V: The High Courts in The States 
Chapter VI: Subordinate Courts 
Part VII: The States in Part B of The First Schedule 
PART VIII: The Union Territories 
PART IX: The Panchayats 
PART IX A: The Municipalities 
PART IX B: The Co-Operative Societies 
PART X: The Scheduled and Tribal Areas 
PART XI: Relations between The Union and The States 
Chapter I: Legislative Relations 
Chapter II: Administrative Relations
PART XII: Finance, Property, Contracts and Suits 
Chapter I: Finance 
Chapter II: Borrowing 
Chapter III: Property, Contracts, Rights, Liabilities, Obligations and Suits 
Chapter IV: Right To Property
PART XIII: Trade Commerce and Intercourse Within The Territory Of India 
PART XIV: Services Under The Union And The States  
Chapter I: Services 
Chapter II: Public Service Commissions 
PART XIV: A Tribunals 
PART XV: Elections 
PART XVI: Special Provisions Relating to Certain Classes 
PART XVII: Official Language 
Chapter I: Language of The Union 
Chapter II: Regional Languages 
Chapter III: Language of The Supreme Court, High Courts, etc. 
Chapter IV: Special Directives 
PART XVIII: Emergency Provisions 
PART XIX: Miscellaneous 
PART XX: Amendment of The Constitution 
PART XXI: Temporary, Transitional and Special Provisions 
PART XXII: Short Title, Commencement, Authoritative Text in Hindi and Repeals Table Of Cases

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