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Understanding Laws– Cyber Laws and Cyber Crimes

Understanding Laws– Cyber Laws and Cyber Crimes

Author : Garima Tiwari

ISBN : 9789351431633



BINDING : Paperback



"Understanding Laws: Cyber Laws and Cyber Crimes is an innovative attempt to make the complex legal jargons and provisions simpler using practical situations which one may encounter in their daily lives. The book consists of nine chapters, each dealing with a specific area provided under the Information Technology Act, 2000. Other laws regarding copyright, trademarks, evidence, and punishments thereunder, have been discussed, so that there is a comprehensive understanding of the law. The emerging area of electronic contracts, digital signatures, e-governance including e-courts and cloud computing have been separately dealt with and a brief overview on social networking websites has also been specifically provided. Major offences like hacking, data theft, piracy, pornography, email fraud etc., have been elaborated along with the relevant case-laws and procedural issues. This book provides links to relevant videos, concerned authorities and courses on cyber law. This book is an invaluable source of knowledge about how to effectively deal with cyber-crimes in the highly vulnerable circumstances present today. It is a must have for all citizens, including law students, and those intending to join law schools."

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