A Complete Guide to Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act (POCSO)

A Complete Guide to Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act (POCSO)

Author : Dr Pratap S Malik

ISBN : 9789350356333



BINDING : Hardcover



 POCSO Act is a very recent legislation and much case law is not available on the subject. This law is a kind apart. It has introduced various new features to the criminal jurisprudence which earlier were much needed but not available. One such question was about the legal outcomes of `non-penile penetration` into the genitalia of women. For last about two decades this question was confronted by various judicial fora and was lastly given a final response by this POCSO Act. There are various other and similar legal fictions. This book has tried to formulate all such new develpments and introductions and study by placing them side by side. This approach is adopted to benefit the reader so that scope and extent of the previous and the introduced legal concepts becomes clear and the reader is also in a position to have an idea of measure of the degrees of shift so introduced. This book has taken note of the views and rulings by various Superior Courts across the country and has studied them in contrast of the traditional law on this subject of sexual offences against the female children. While doing so the Criminal Amendment Act 2013 has been studied extensively because on one hand this Amendment Act has transmitted the effect of the POCSO Act to the general criminal jurisprudence while bringing further changes in a POCSO Act itself on the other hand. The students, the lawyers, the judges and the academicians all would find this book as having some amplitude in the field of their utility.

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