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Guide to Housing Finance-A comprehensive and analytical commentary on Mortgage Lending

Guide to Housing Finance-A comprehensive and analytical commentary on Mortgage Lending

Author : Vinod Kothari

ISBN : 9789350358887



BINDING : Hardcover



Guide to Housing Finance is a comprehensive treatise on housing finance and mortgage lending covering all aspects related to it. It examines the legal and regulatory framework governing housing finance in the context of related aspects of basic features of housing finance products, mathematics of housing finance, risk management and refinancing options. The book explains the concept of mortgage lending in a lucid manner with the aid of numerical illustrations, graphs, diagrams, flowcharts, comparative tables, and illustrative figures. The commentary draws on the international experience of countries such as US, Brazil, Mexico, Australia and UK to bring forth a comparative and holistic perspective on the subject. Operational aspects of accounting of mortgage lending and financial mathematics of housing finance have been discussed extensively in the book. Housing being a basic human need, policy-makers and practitioners realise the significance of housing finance to economic wealth and welfare of nations. While market-based systems have served the upper segments of the population pyramid so well, policy-makers world over are concerned about evolving housing finance systems that serve the bottom of the pyramid. The concepts of housing microfinance and affordable housing finance have been analyzed in detail in the book. This book will serve as a useful reference work for legal practitioners, financial regulators, housing finance companies, institutional lenders, retail borrowers, policy makers, industry associations, institutions and academicians.

"Vinod Kothari is Director of Indian Securitisation Foundation and CEO of Vinod Kothari Consultants Pvt. Ltd. He is an associate member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and the Institute of Company Secretaries of India. He specialises in various subjects of finance like housing finance, leasing, securitisation, and covered bonds. As a consultant of housing finance his firm has handled a high profile IFC assignment on affordable housing finance. He was also engaged by the National Housing Bank to advice on introduction of covered bonds in the Indian housing finance segment. He was also retained by the Asian Development Bank to suggest alternate funding sources for housing finance institutions in India. Vinod Kothari began writing at the young age of 23 and his first book Lease Finance and Hire Purchase has remained, over 25 years, one of the most authentic works on the subject. It has been cited with approval by the Supreme Court and several other courts in India. He has also written books on securitisation, credit-derivatives, corporate law, SARFAESI Act and the bankruptcy code. He is one of the editors of A Ramaiya Guide to Companies Act, the most authentictext on company law."

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