Buy Halsbury's Laws of India - Direct Tax-II, Vol. 32, 2nd Edition
Halsbury's Laws of India-Direct Tax-II; Vol. 32

Halsbury's Laws of India-Direct Tax-II; Vol. 32

ISBN : 9789386515421


BINDING : Hardcover



Key Highlights:- • Capturing comprehensive and definitive statements of law, the Halsbury’s Laws of India is the only encyclopedic series that restates law as is. • The series is based on the prestigious Halsbury’s Laws of England which provides statements of law supported by current authority. • This series is not a commentary but presents the legal position as it is laid by legislation and case law • Thematically arranged, this volume on Direct Tax is a consolidated work on Income Tax Act, 1961, Income Tax Rules 1962 and incorporates commentary on concepts such as Double Taxation, Collection & Recovery of Tax, Offences and Penalties, Taxation of Legal Entities, etc. thereby offering a more holistic view on the subject. • The volume covers latest provisions of the Finance Bill, 2018 and significant judicial pronouncements by the Apex Court and High Courts. • Due to the encyclopedic nature of Halsbury’s Laws, and its unique style and purpose, it is a must for academicians, legal scholars, the bar and the bench.

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