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Implementation of Basic Human Rights

Implementation of Basic Human Rights

Author : Manoj Kumar Sinha

ISBN : 9788180389344



BINDING : Paperback



Human Rights is a dynamic and live concept which must be treated with sensitivity. Its meaning has to be interpreted and understood with the changes brought in by developments in the social, economic, cultural, civil and political spheres. These developments also give rise to aspirations of the people to be able to exercise their rights of equality and justice in its finer aspects. The evolution of human rights, after all, depends on the evolution of mankind. This book is a study about the guarantee of those inherent rights which give strength to an individual to grow holistically with the faith and assurance that in any crisis, whether war or emergency, such rights will not be taken away by the State. It explores the various international and regional mechanisms for the implementation of fundamental rights and the jurisprudence which has evolved from them. This book also traces the development of non-derogable rights in the Indian context. It concludes that it is necessary to secure more non-derogable rights at the international level. This book will be helpful to academics, students, lawyers and NGOs as well as other institutions dealing with international law and human rights issues.

Manoj Kumar Sinha is Director of the Indian Law Institute, New Delhi. He also holds the permanent position of Professor of Law at the West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences, Kolkata. A PhD in International Law from the Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, his areas of specialisation are human rights, constitutional law, international humanitarian and refugee law, international criminal law, international law and international institutions. He has published extensively in journals of national and international repute.

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