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Indian Administrative Law

Indian Administrative Law

Author : M C Jain Kagzi

ISBN : 9789350353967



BINDING : Paperback



The present book is author`s feeble effort to articulate some of these changes within limits of understanding and intellect. Without divulging so much academics, he makes a feeble attempt to treat the subject as an instrument of state activism unitarianism and implementation tool for fundamental principles of state policy.To an extent, review and revision of the book stresses the law in action where is the basis of administrative law. The apt reference of the provision of the Constitution and relevant statutory law are made. The postulates of administrative law are imperfectly stated, as can be culled out of the statutory law and the law declared by the Supreme Court in any number of judgments and pronouncements in respect of certain issues and questions. Like the American Administrative Law, and very much like the Administrative Law of the Commonwealth countries, the Indian Administrative Law too has thrown up an urgnency for finding: legal solutions for administrative delegation, discretion and decisions, unavoidable discrimination, need for transparency and accountability in decision making, administrative lapses including administrative corruption and what not in matters of basic legal remedies writ petitions, and frivolous practices.

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