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Law and Literature: Readings in English

Law and Literature: Readings in English

Author : Prasannanshu

ISBN : 9789350357255



BINDING : Paperback



Law and Literature: Readings in English is specially designed for students pursuing the three-year law course or five-year integrated degree course in law education institutes including national law schools. Catering to the long-felt need of law students for a book on literary readings, this book offers a careful selection of poems, plays, parables, experiences of famous lawyers as students of law, and the insights these can lend to a student of law; the genesis of hypothetical but very pertinent questions of law; how a mechanical application of the laws leads to questionable outcomes; and different dimensions in which law can be perceived. Selected texts have been included with the objective to enable students to introspect on the meaning and process of education. The literary pieces in this book are aimed at lending a perspective that theoretical courses of law fail to offer.

Key Features:-

● Topics are organized into genre such as poems, biographical and autobiographical writings, plays, stories parables journalistic articles, essays and criticism.

● Readings are followed by questions. Further hints, suggestions and outlines are also provided at relevant places to give a thinking perspective to the student.

● Literary works are accompanied with tips and comments for students to ponder upon, and answer the questions posed.

● Word meaning of difficult words are provided along with several vocabulary exercises.

● Includes interesting elements to boost student’s imagination, helping them in correlating the matt er with their context.

Dr Prasannanshu is an associate professor of English at National Law University, Delhi, and a visiting faculty of the Paris West University, Nanterre La Defense, France. His current academic focus is on the development of an educational philosophy and pedagogy of language, literature and communication skills for the students of law. He has been actively writing, lecturing and publishing in this area. He has published several papers in international and national journals .

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