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Judicial Control of Administrative Action

Judicial Control of Administrative Action

Author : Justice B P Banerjee

ISBN : 9789350357125



BINDING : Hardcover



Key Highlights • Comprehensive examination of the concept and practice of Judicial Review, branch of Administrative Law. • Provides an insight into the developments in administrative law in India. • Thoroughly updated and revised edition with coherent overview of recent judicial developments. • Examines the scope, extent and limitations on exercise of power of judicial review in India and foreign jurisdictions including the US, UK, and New Zealand. • Incorporates all significant judicial decisions in India and other foreign jurisdictions. • Arranged thematically, the book discusses several key aspects across 22 chapters including: (i) Scope of powers of the Court under Articles 32 and 226 (ii) Public Interest Litigation (iii) Judicial Activism in India (iv) Limitations on Judicial Review • Explains the writs available under the Indian Constitution, i.e., habeas corpus, certiorari, mandamus, prohibition and quowarranto, as well as foreign writs. • Extensive discussion on cases relating to constitutional rights are arranged neatly under sub-headings • A Standard reference for Legal practitioners, Law firms, Judges of the Supreme Court and High Courts, Members of Central Administrative Tribunal and State Administrative Tribunals, Judicial Academies , Bar Associati ons, Government companies, Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances, Academicians and researchers, Libraries at law colleges and universities

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