Law of Easements and Licenses
Law of Easements and Licenses

Law of Easements and Licenses

Author : B B Katiyar

ISBN : 9788119403677

EDITION : 17th


BINDING : Hardcover



The first edition of this legal classic on the Law of Easements was published in 1925. The book has travelled almost ten decades and is now in its seventeenth Edition, a testament to enduring appeal and reliability.

This edition has been revised with a view to retain the originality and basic features of the treatise, while enriching it with latest case law and contemporary developments. With some of the sections being borrowed from English law, it encompasses a critical evaluation of common law practice followed in India with English and American law on easement. This work also underlines the distinction between lease and license with commendable clarity and provides a hands-on-approach to learning with each chapter.

Key Features:

  • Exhaustive Section-wise Commentary on The Indian Easements Act, 1882
  • Comprises English and American law on Easement and the comparative Indian position
  • Focuses on important provisions such as section 13 (Easements of necessity and quasi easements), section 15 (Acquisition of easementary rights by prescription), section 35 (Injunction to restrain disturbance), and sections 52 and 60 (pertaining to License)
  • Determination of and distinction between lease and license has been elaborately explained
  • Includes Special features of Right of Way
  • Important case law of the Supreme Court of India and High Courts has been incorporated

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