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Law of Sale, Lease and Mortgage

Law of Sale, Lease and Mortgage

Author : Akhileshwar Pathak

ISBN : 9788131251294



BINDING : Paperback



The Law on Sale, Lease and Mortgage of immovable property are put in the Transfer of Property Act, 1882, along with several other themes. There is a separate Act on sale of goods but none for these important subjects, affecting everyday life and experiences. The book gives exclusive attention to the subject. It is written very differently from the other books. Law is about ideas and concepts. The book makes this as its central theme. It continually engages with concepts and develops them. Sale, lease and mortgage of immovable property are all special forms of contract. The book recognises this and builds the subject on the foundation of contract. Sale of immovable property is first a sale. The book builds it on the foundations of sale, drawing from the law of sale of goods. The law on sale, lease and mortgage of immovable property is drawn from common law. The principles governing these are generalised common sense. The book turns to common sense to develop the principles. Thus, the book develops the concepts by turning to common sense, contract law, law of sale of goods and other branches of common law. Law is what the judges say in the court judgements. The book extensively reviews court judgements than merely give a summary of the case in a line or two. Written in a lucid manner, this book will be of value for law practitioners, researchers, professionals in the field of real estate, infrastructure and banking professionals, and students.

Akhileshwar Pathak is an author with a different, modern, and practical approach to legal writing. He is the author of numerous books, Law Relating to Special Contracts (2014), Law of Sale of Goods (2013), Contract Law (2011) and Legal Aspects of Business (6th Edition, 2014). He holds a PhD degree in law from the Centre for Law and Society, Department of Law, University of Edinburgh. Currently, he is a Professor at the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad.

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