Corporate Law
Corporate Law

Corporate Law



Corporate Law eISBN Original Author Title ED VOL © Year
Corporate Law INK9388548823 K S Ravichandran K S Ravichandran: Related Party Transactions under the Companies Act, 2013, 2nd Edn 2nd 1 2020
Corporate Law INK9388548519 K Sekhar K Sekhar: Guide to SEBI, Capital Issues, Debentures & Listing, 5th Edn 5th 3 2019
Corporate Law INK8131252659 Sridharan & Pandian Sridharan & Pandian: Guide to Takeovers & Mergers, 4th Edn 4th 1 2018
Corporate Law INK9389991352 A Ramaiya A Ramaiya: Guide to the Companies Act: Box 1, 19th Edn 19th 3 2020
Corporate Law INK9389991468 Vinod Kothari Vinod Kothari: Securitisation, Asset Reconstruction and Enforcement of Security Interests, 6th Edn 6th 1 2020
Corporate Law INK9391211288 K S Ravichandran K S Ravichandran: CSR, ESG & Charitable Institutions, 1st Edn 1st 1 2021
Corporate Law INK9395116268 Narender Kumar Narender Kumar: Key to Investigation & Prosecution of Serious Frauds Relating to Companies: Practice & Procedures, 1st Edn 1st 1 2022
Corporate Law INK9395116008 M C Bhandari M C Bhandari: Guide to Company Law Procedures, 25th Edn 25th 4 2022
Corporate Law INK9395116299 K R Chandratre K R Chandratre: Company Secretarial Practice Manual, 5th Edn 5th 2 2022

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