Law of Affidavits
Law of Affidavits

Law of Affidavits

Author : S Parameswaram

ISBN : 9788119403189


BINDING : Hardcover



Law of Affidavits presents a complex, yet fascinating, subject in the shape of understandable propositions. Considering the predominant importance of Affidavits, the diversity of occasions and cases in which affidavits have been insisted on, statutorily or procedurally, and the amount of case law available on the subject, the authors have tried to make the book sufficiently lucid to cater to the requirements of all situations. Recent case law and references, including reference to well-known English and American authorities, have been included in an attempt to make this work comprehensive and complete.

Key Features:

  • Meaning, contents and types of affidavits have been explained, and concepts relating to affidavits and some important documents have also been covered
  • The importance, use and requirement of Affidavits under different statutes viz. the Code of the Civil Procedure, 1908, the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973, the Contempt of Courts Act, 1971, and the Recovery of Debts and Bankruptcy Act 1993 has been explained
  • Provides an insight into importance and relevance of affidavits and their use in litigation
  • Position of affidavits in other allied laws and in election petitions has been elaborated
  • Model Affidavit Formats pertaining to civil matters, criminal matters, tribunals, different authorities etc. have been provided
  • Some new Model Forms of affidavits pertaining to Applications/Petitions made to Presiding Officers and Recovery Officers of Debts Recovery Tribunals and in Insolvency matters before the NCLTs have also been added

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