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Commentary on The Constitution of India

Commentary on The Constitution of India

Author : P M Bakshi

ISBN : 9789350358450



BINDING : Hardcover



Since its first edition numerous changes have been made with respect to the study of Constitution of India. It has been observed that the Supreme Court and High Courts face the cases which involve various provisions of Constitution of India. Though the case may be related to laws involving criminal, civil, intellectual property, information technology, cyber-crime, contract, specific relief, etc., both Supreme Court and High Courts link the facts and issues with the provisions, particularly of Articles 14, 15, 16, 21, 32, 136 to 142, 226 and 227 along with other Articles also, while giving their verdicts in the interest of justice, equity and good conscience in order to give appropriate justice to the parties concerned. This is because the Constitution of India itself is the “Paradise of Lawyers”. It is so called for the reason that all laws are made from the Preamble, Articles and 12 Schedules of the Constitution, particularly from Schedule 7 of it. Hence, the Constitution of India has gone through 101 Amendments till date. Moreover, taking note of the above submissions, this second edition has been prepared and thoroughly revised with the inclusion of latest case-law of both Supreme Court and High Courts. The recent Constitutional Amendments have been inserted at proper places for ensuring full coverage and perfection. Lastly, like its first edition it is hoped that this edition will serve the purpose of Bench, Bar, law libraries, law students and others who are interested in the study of Constitution of India.

P M Bakshi was the Former Director, Indian Law Institute and former member of the Law Commission of India. Apart from the Constitution of India, P M Bakshi had also authored administrative books like Law of Affidavits, Dictionary of Business Law, Law of Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, Legislative Process: Ideals and Reality, S.M. Lahiri’s The Transfer of Property ACT (ACT IV of 1882) and Introduction to Legislative Drafting.

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