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Guide to the Electricity Laws

Guide to the Electricity Laws

Author : Naushir Bharucha

ISBN : 9788131253892



BINDING : Hardcover



Naushir Bharucha’s Guide to the Electricity Laws - An Exhaustive Commentary on the Electricity Acts, 2003 and the Electricity Rules, 2005 with CERC Rules Regulations Ever since the publication of the edition in 1961, the statutes governing electricity laws in the country have undergone a sea change. The current Electricity Act of 2003, consolidates three major Acts viz-a-viz Electricity Act, 1910, the Electricity Supply Act, 1948 and the Electricity Regulation Commissions Act, 1998. Naushir Bharucha's Guide to Electricity Laws endeavors to serve as a guide that systematically and clearly provides an in-depth analysis of the provisions of electricity laws in India. The previous edition of this book was published in 2004, just when the 2003 Act had come into force. In the present edition, the revising editor has developed the work in the light of leading judicial pronouncements and the changes and trends in this field. Being a practitioner himself, he has transformed the work into an easy reference by providing a practical point of view to its intended readers. The book explores the development, changes and interpretation of the law since the previous edition. With the implementation of section 16 of the Electricity Act, 2003, there has been an overhaul of regulations laid down by respective State Commissions which empowers them to specify conditions applicable to the licensees covered under section 14 of the Act within one year from the appointed date. This edition has been updated with latest amendments, rules, notifications, circulars and orders and serves as a comprehensive legal reference covering important case law from 2003 up to 2017. This book is a useful guide for practitioners; advocates representing the energy sectors; appellate tribunals; judges; law firms engaged in matters relating to Projects, Infrastructure & Energy; Legal and Compliance departments of electricity generation/transmission/ distribution companies; the Central and State Regulatory authorities.

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