Indian Constitution Book: Vedic Sources and Framing of Constitution
Sources and Framing of The Constitution of India with Special Reference to Vedic Governance

Sources and Framing of The Constitution of India with Special Reference to Vedic Governance

Author : S P Singh Chauhan

ISBN : 9789350355411



BINDING : Hardcover



This Indian Constitution book is a unique and unprecedented effort to show that the basic features of the present Constitution are derived from the Vedic concepts of truth and non-violence. The book challenges the conventional view that the sources of our Constitution are Western constitutions/acts that emerged in the 18th century. The book reveals that the Framers of our Constitution were inspired by the Eternal Vedas, Upnishads and subsequent scriptures, and that there was an ideal governance system in India even before the 18th century. The book cites Rigveda,III.38.6 to show that God ordained that the governor and the governed (we the people) should co-operate in fostering prosperity and enlightenment by establishing ideal assemblies of righteous and expert members who would also elect the best among them as their king and be accountable to the people. Such assemblies were to frame Constitution with constitutional guarantees. The book also explains that the Vedic governance system ensured freedom, better standard of living, education and righteous way of life for all the subjects by providing them with all-round education, liberty, piety, training, wealth etc. The book also supports its view on eternal liberties/rights and the assemblies of Vedic Era with appropriate citations of the Apex Court cases. This Indian constitution book is a must-read for students, scholars, lawyers, and citizens who want to know their rich heritage and be proud of it.

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