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The Companies Act, 2013- Key Conceptual Transformation

The Companies Act, 2013- Key Conceptual Transformation

Author : Bimal N Patel

ISBN : 9788131252215



BINDING : Hardcover



The Companies Act 2013 - Key Conceptual Transformation is one of the compiled manuscript with the aim to highlight and present the key conceptual transformations made in the Companies Act 2013. The authors have elucidated the diverse issues and concerns arising as a result of the change in the company legislation regime. The span of the book ranges from articles on overview of the Companies Act 2013, the protection of Minority shareholders, facets like the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) which has been mandated under the statute, duties and liabilities of the Directors, Key Managerial Personnel and Independent Directors and prevention of oppression and mismanagement. An attempt has also been made to expound Corporate Frauds with an analysis of the accountability of Auditors and the transformation brought by the new law to strengthen it. Several important aspects such as Related Party transactions, issuance of securities by companies, minority squeeze out, changes to inspection and investigation have also been given due emphasis. An attempt has been made to present an interesting blend of various aspects of the transformation in the company law jurisprudence by leading practitioners, senior officers from the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Ministry of Finance and distinguished academicians.

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