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Environmental Law in India

Environmental Law in India

Author : P Leelakrishnan

ISBN : 9789391211509



BINDING : Paperback



The Environmental Law in India is a comprehensive and exhaustive publication on the field of Environmental Law. The Book exhaustively deals with the constitutional mandate for environmental protection, judicial review of decisions affecting environment, environment impact assessment and the public participation in the assessment process. The book extensively covers the law relating to this field along with necessary international conventions and Jurisprudence evolved by the Indian Judiciary. 

Key Features:

  • Provides for comprehensive theory and in-depth knowledge on the subject of Environmental Law.
  • The book covers all the legislative changes that has been introduced since the last edition.
  • It incorporates the landmark judgments delivered by the constitutional courts. • The changes made by the different Constitutional Amendment Acts have been incorporated.
  • Reference to important International conventions and treaties have been duly made.
  • Discussed the subject with comparative analysis approach and has explained the perspectives of different jurisdiction.
  • This Edition has been extensively revised to incorporate the relevant and current landmark judgments of the Supreme Court and various High Courts.
  • Up to date with the recent case laws and development since the last publication.
  • Discusses the law that has been changed and its impact on the legal system
  • Overruled decisions have been checked and changes have been made accordingly.
  • Includes an exhaustive discussion and critical dialogue on the landmark judgments as well as the legislative changes.

P Leelakrishnan is a PhD in Administrative Law from London School of Economics (LSE) and has served as a law professor at Cochin University of Science and Technology for 30 years. As head of the department, Dean and Emeritus Fellow in Cochin University School of Legal Studies, he has authored several books and research papers. He has had a versatile career as a lawyer, researcher, writer and professor.

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